Sorry, Lakers fans, Carlos Boozer is not the answer.

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I’ve been a Chicago Bulls fan for most of my life. I jumped on the bandwagon when Jordan was at his peak, but since he moved on from the Bulls I’ve stayed a fan. That’s 16 years of pain. I’ve seen some good things and some bad things during this time, but by far, my least favorite player during this long stretch has been Carlos Boozer.

He was getting paid over 16 million to play 28 minutes a game. ┬áHe also had a pretty good seat for games during the fourth quarter of most contests. It’s not his fault the Bulls signed him to a ridiculous contract, but it is his fault that he doesn’t hustle or play any defense. He is however a good communicator. He likes to talk and yell frequently- “And one!” Get used to hearing that, Lakers fans, it will get annoying really fast.

The Lakers’ upcoming season is going to be a rough one. I have no idea what the hell the Lakers’ plan is. They might be in full on rebuilding mode. Or maybe their plan is to tank this season and get a high lottery pick. Who knows? Boozer is most likely going to be starting at power forward, so he will definitely help them with the tanking. I can’t help but laugh. Things are going to get UGLY. Carlos Boozer is supposed to be a power forward, only thing is, his game is all finesse. Get used to seeing a lot of high arching 20 foot jumpers. I’m sure you’re all excited to pay 200 plus dollars to see that!

I wonder who Kobe will try to kill first… Jeremy Lin or Carlos Boozer? Anyway, I compiled some highlights I found on Youtube, or more like, things you should expect from Carlos Boozer. Try not to bang your head on the table.

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